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Diverse learning environments


Educational activity for 12 month old children  at 3 years.

  • Free motor skills: the child is the first agent of his development, he must be able to develop freely, that is to say by himself, without obstacles on the part of the adult.

  • I explore the earth: The earth and its plants. Digging, planting, watering, walking in the garden, picking food from the earth… There are many physical and motor activities to be carried out with earth. Plant seeds in the garden or indoors.

  • Nature inside: rocks, branches, leaves, flowers, grass, plant watering

  • My feet and my arms: Movement and music workshop



Sensory activity

  • Sensory tank

  • Discovery bottles

  • Explore the sounds that surround us

  • I explore the mirror: Sit in front of a mirror and move your feet with them. Invite infants and toddlers to look at their feet in the mirror.

Creative Activities: Motor games Sound games

  • Sounds in Creative Expressions: Play a sound recording of music and bird sounds. Take out soft and light feathers (like those of a feather duster). Let the children handle everything. Then attach a square of adhesive paper to a wall, table or directly to the floor. Invite the children to glue the feathers on the sticker paper.


  • Physical activity

  • Educational activities; 

  • Games, crafts, coloring, stories, nursery rhymes,

  •   songs, 

School daycare service

Kindergarten to Grade 6

  • Homework help workshop

  • Complements the educational service provided by the school and mainly focused on recreational activities

  • Welcomes students outside of teaching hours: in the morning before class, if applicable, at noon and in the afternoon after class.

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