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Fun & Creativity

Awakening to Faith

Discovering creation

Discovering prayer
The Bible Told to Children

Convenient handling
According to Montessori pedagogy

Practical Life Workshop: washing station (doll-car), pouring (grain-liquid), opening and closing boxes, sorting kitchen cutlery, watering plants, cleaning mirror and window, cutting with scissors, lacing, buttoning ...

Internal / external gross motor skills

Nature walk
Imitate the walk of animals
Dancing, jumping rhythmic movement, cycling, ball (throwing and catching)

Sensory activity

The 5 senses (cold-hot, hard-soft, bottle of Return to calm Montessori method) 

Plastic activities

Painting with fruits and vegetables, painting with marbles, with balloons.

Academic activities

Academic activities   Science, geography, language (mobile alphabet), learning to write (draw lines, write in sand, connect letters), mathematics,  

Library / Choose your reading

Reading aloud to children

Music and drama

Introduction to different musical instruments, song of praise and worship, disguise….

Group activities

Gardening, visiting the zoo, walking in the park.

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