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Your child is in Good Hands

Our objective

The Christian family daycare Maison des enfants offers a preschool education program for young children. The main objective is to allow each child to evolve as a distinct person in a French-speaking environment, and to encourage the child to develop friendships, to play and to communicate in French with other children of different ages. different in a safe environment. The Children's House wishes to be the continuity of the family environment known by the children. The nursery is in a warm house, so the children really feel at home. 
The child should feel loved, comfortable and respected. We want each child to develop their self-confidence and gain the autonomy they need, and find their own answers to solve the challenges they encounter. The pedagogical orientation is centered on the child and the learning by the play which favors the construction of identity as well as on the curriculum of the province of Alberta “Flight”. 


The Children's House believes: 
That children , in an environment designed to stimulate their curiosity, can learn to communicate in the French language and be supported in their growth and their emotional, social, creative, cognitive and physical development in an environment that promotes active learning by their own experiences, autonomy, freedom and a sense of responsibility and order. 
That the personal and educational development of children takes place with the close collaboration of parents and the family daycare. The daycare promotes personal learning for children in a non-sexist and non-racist environment. 
That parents are the main stakeholders in the care and education of their child. Parents have a responsibility to work in collaboration with the home daycare for the well-being and education of their child. 

Diverse Kindergarten

Our mission

`` Children's house ''

Is above all a family environment built to suit children,

A place that promotes the natural and overall development of the child,

A place to support life, a place where the adult has a duty to bring out

What the child has inside him,

A place where the child is at the center of everything.

Because we believe that the child is a whole being

And not a being in the making,

Especially since he's the best part of humanity.

We are committed to providing quality child care,

Based on Montessori pedagogy,

While paying particular attention to the French language,

Thus helping the child to build his identity

And reach its full potential.


In the daycare, discussions and activities are carried out only in French. It is desirable that French is also used at home in order to continue the effort. 
The daycare aims to help children acquire and improve their French language skills in order to fully integrate into the French school, in their community and in society. 

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